Franklin "Frank" Demarco

Almost six feet tall, muscular build but a big belly, red hair and a bushy beard.


Franklin stands at 5’11", with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He does have a bit of weight around his midsection, but it doesn’t slow him down. He is rather quick for a man of his size. He has red hair around 3-4 inches long that he keeps messy but not in his eyes. He also has a big, bushy beard. Has a vertical scar down his left eye, and a robotic eye replacing the damaged one.

Generally, he sports an altered uniform (within regulations…mostly) that mimics classic depictions of pirate and buccaneer attire. His leisure clothing is outright replicas of the same classic styles. He always wears a tri-corner hat wherever he goes.

He also has a companion named Rupert, a robotic animal, model designation PO1-LY. Rupert.


Franklin "Frank" Demarco

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