Basil Endicott

Major Endicott is the Field General


Major Basil Endicott is the field commander of the UPDF and a very long serving member. Basil is an older man with bone white hair which he kept in the military crew cut since he first joined. Basil is always in his commander uniform, even when piloting his mech. Despite his old age, he joins the fighting with the rest of the much younger forces, while he shares the commanding duties with Major Annamaria Campos. During his years in service, Basil has lost his right eye and his left arm is entirely robotic.

Deadeye is a pure white humanoid mech and is one of the oldest functioning mechs around. Deadeye is focused entirely on ranged weaponry and is very skimpy when it comes to armor and shielding. Deadeye and Basil have been together for a very long time, so he knows the ins and outs of his mech. Deadeye is on the ground fighting with his troops, but it plays ranged support only.

Basil Endicott

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