Cyrus Kirby

Tall, Dark Hair, Full Beard, Cybernetic Arm, Mechanic Jumpsuit


Cyrus was born and raised on Luna, where he would eventually open up his own mechanic shop. From a young age, Cyrus was skilled with his hands, able to repair any of the toys he broke, and helping maintain the family car from age 7. His parents had wanted him to become a doctor or a surgeon with his skills, but he didn’t like the risk involved; if he messed up on a machine, it wouldn’t die or come back and sue him.

When Cyrus was 19 and working at a shop, a machine activated while he was trying to repair it, mangling his right arm and leading to it’s replacement cybernetic. Cyrus quickly began fiddling with the arm as well, eventually turning it into a toolbox he didn’t have to worry about forgetting. As a side effect of getting used to the arm Cyrus constantly tries to keep his hands busy; subconsciously making sure that the cybernetics haven’t slowed down any.

He and his childhood crush, Vanessa, have been together since they were teenagers, though it hasn’t always been easy. Cyrus has always been a bit of a lecher, blaming a glitch in the programming of his arm now that he can, even though it’s always been something he’s done, he always comes back to Vanessa.

He joined the UPDF recently, after an attack on Luna by the Jihad, who he insists are just Moon Bandits, destroyed his shop, and wanted to prevent anything similar happening to anyone else. He took quickly to piloting the Mech, and, as he always has with everything he’s owned, quickly began modifying it, pushing the limits of what’s considered acceptable by regulations. This was the cause of his connection with Skull, as he needed to befriend the Requisitions Officer to ensure he could get the parts he needed for his projects. He also tries very hard to control himself around Hailey, not wanting to ruin the friendship with Skully.

Celestial Guardian was designed as a Defender, to either take the damage for others or to use it’s Shield to absorb or block it. Guardian is mainly white, but with bits of red throughout, and is designed to look like an old knight, as Cyrus wants to protect as many people as he can, like, he believes, the knights of old did. Cyrus has made a lot of modifications to the mech, though the most apparent is a sound system he built in it, just to win a bet against someone else, and to prove he could.

Cyrus Kirby

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