Luciano Quinones

Beautiful... Famous... War-Hero!?


PFC Luciano Quinones is one of the more famous and popular soldiers in the UPDF, and is only here for the thrill of battle. Luciano is rarely seen by himself, as he’s usually surrounded by a group of fan girls, despite them and himself, being active members of the UPDF. Luciano is a tanned male, who generally never wears the UPDF gear, wearing nice suits most of the time, the only time he wears the gear is when he’s in his mech. Luciano is a smooth talker, a very beautiful man, and is famous as a fashion designer. He has black hair that he ties into a man bun and a small soul patch.

Goliath Mammoth is Luciano’s pride and joy, his mech that is shaped like a very large wooly mammoth. Goliath Mammoth is the largest mech in the UPDF, and probably the slowest, at least, without the rocket boosters that come from its back. Goliath Mammoth is extremely heavily armored and has a large energy shield as well. Like all animalistic mechs, Goliath Mammoth moves and acts like an animal, using its trunk and tusks as its primary weapons, especially when it can boost and smash into an enemy. Also, in case it’s truly needed, Goliath Mammoth has a large artillery of projectile rockets in its back as well, which are fired off in rapid succession of one another.

Luciano Quinones

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