Ludo Butcher

Criminal... Lowlife... Ace Pilot!?


Private Ludo Butcher, probably the most infamous pilot in the UPDF, was a convicted criminal who joined up instead of serving time in prison. He was arrested for many things, including arson, murder, grand theft auto, and assault. In general, Ludo’s a lowlife. Ludo is absolutely covered in tattoos from neck to toe, and his hair is cut into a Mohawk, which he has currently a blood red. Ludo, despite his bad rep, just wants to keep to himself and hone his craft with his mech. On the other hand though, he’s easily annoyed, stubborn as hell, and quick to jump into a situation without much thinking. Outside of the mech, Ludo is probably the strongest pilot around.

Archangel was made with a pilot like Ludo in mind. Archangel is a rapid fire humanoid mech, intended for very quick moving and powerful strikes with Archangel’s fists and feet, but also has a large great hammer if needed. The unique thing about Archangel though, is that it’s connected to Ludo in every facet of the word. While a normal mech is piloted like a vehicle, Ludo is connected into Archangel, so that Archangel can mimic every single move that Ludo does… it was made this way because if Archangel is hurt, Ludo is hurt in return… if Archangel loses an arm, as does Ludo. It’s the extreme variant of the pain sensors normal prisoners receive. Despite all this, Ludo takes it like a champ and is actually very good at quick hit and runs with the agile mech… but don’t take Archangel lightly, as it can pack a hell of a punch, just like it’s pilot.

Ludo Butcher

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